How the West was Won.. or Maybe Not?

As a child, I brought stray animals’ home all the time. I was such an animal lover! Horses were my favorite and I dreamed of owning one. Imagine my delight when I discovered a horse tied to a tree in an empty field when I was walking home one day. It was like a dream come true! The poor guy had no water, and nothing to eat, so of course I had to bring it home to feed it! I was 7-years-old.

As an adult, a few things stick out in my mind. I made it all the way to my house (at least half a mile or so from that field) and tied him to a tree in my backyard, before anyone noticed. (We will get to why a 7-year-old was so far from home alone some other time) The other thing is how incredibly dangerous it was for me and the horse. Luckily, we both made it through unharmed.

From what I remember, the neighbor who owned the horse was very unhappy with my decision. I remember a lot of raised voices and threats of being arrested. I remember my mom saying over and over, “she’s 7, you want her to go to jail” I can laugh about it now, but that guy was serious.

I’ll end with this; I learned a valuable lesson that day. You can bring a horse to water and make him drink it, I did, and I was 7. But then again, it was a hot Texas summer day…

I can’t be alone in this… Do you have a story you want to share about a “saving” a lost pet? If so, post it in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “How the West was Won.. or Maybe Not?

  1. I’m a animal lover to, but I’ve never had a chance to save an animal. My older brother did though before I was born. He found a stray’s littler of kittens ether on his way home or in our back yard when we were station in Cail. He told mom about and she then found homes for all of them ‘cept the two that became my brother and sister’s cats.

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  2. I think your habit of rescuing pets shows what a big-hearted person you are! My girls brought home so many pets!! What a great story I just adopted my husband. LOL I love reading your stories!!

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